Improving Credit

Updates on Credit Card Company Rules & Rates

Follow the latest rules for credit card companies, your rights, new practices; compare card rates and offers in this consumer site.

Beware that New Offer: Wall Street Journal

Article on the markting of new "professional card" offers that are designed to avoid new consumer protection law on credit cards.

Federal Trade Commission Fair Debt Collection Act Information

The Federal Trade Commission has posted information about what creditors can and can not do.  When you are contacted by creditors and collection agencies it is important to know what your rights are, and if those agencies are violating them.

American Consumer Credit Counseling

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a non-profit (501) (c)(3) organization, offering confidential consumer credit counseling services, debt management and financial education to consumers nationwide. Founded in 1991, ACCC is a leader in the credit counseling industry and has more than twenty years of national credit counseling experience

Caution with Credit

The Massachusetts State Treasurer's Office, this site will help you understand the Dos and Don'ts of good credit., including effective videos of college students.

Take Charge of Your Credit

Credit Fairy is a site sponsored by the Consumer Bankers Foundation and the Ad Council with credit tips, dispelled myths, and instruction on how to read a credit report.

Need help sorting out Credit Card offers? Not all Credit Card offers are equal, below are two great sites that can help

U.S. News Money Blog

Bank Rate

Center for Responsible Lending

Five credit card offer tricks to watch out for in 2013 from the Center for Responsible Lending

Maryland Cooperative Extension "Getting out of Debt" (PDF)

This is an article designed to help you develop strategies and plans to take control, and help eliminate your debt.  Included is a sample dispute letter as well as a debt worksheet.

National Consumer Law Center "16 Rules for Choosing Which Debts to pay First" (PDF)

Designed to help you prioritize which debt is most urgent, and which can wait.  When your debts outnumber your income, it is extremely important to prioritize which debts are most important and must be paid off first.

National Foundation for Credit Counseling

This website is a resource for various credit information and has an ability to find credit counselors all over the nation. Also check out the calculators to see how much home you can afford, how long it will take to pay off a credit card, and how much you need to save for purchases.
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