Buying a Home

Buying a home can be one of the most complicated financial decisions and processes that people will undertake during their lifetime.

Take a certified homebuyer education class, certified by the Homebuyer Collaborative of the Citizens Housing and Planning Association.  Not only are homebuying classes filled with valuable information, but the completion of these programs can qualify you for great mortgage products designed for first time home buyers.

Report: Mortgage Lending for Manufactured Homes

More than seventeen million Americans—many with low and moderate incomes—rely on manufactured homes for affordable housing. Yet, up to three quarters of them cannot obtain a long-term mortgage loan. Instead, they’re left with chattel loans that have monthly payments up to $600 or more per month greater than the payments for an equivalent mortgage.

This report which was produces from the data findings of a new study done by I'M HOME, Toward a Sustainable and Responsible Expansion of Affordable Mortgages for Manufactured Homes was published by CFED. 

Findings from the report include:

  • A variety of lenders and investors provide mortgages on manufactured homes.
  • Mortgage performance for manufactured homes is comparable to that of similar site-built homes.
  • Some manufactured home lending portfolios actually outperform mortgages for comparable site-built homes.
  • Mortgages for manufactured homes can be made with low downpayments and alternative credit (not necessarily top-tier FICO scores) and still perform well.

The report’s authors, Howard Banker and Robin LeBaron of Fair Mortgage Collaborative, lay out the report’s methodology and findings in detail. Also in the report is a detailed list of recommendations for how to make low-cost, high-performing mortgages more available to owners and buyers of manufactured homes.

The CHAPA Collaborative certifies instructors and classes. 

Check out their homepage for a variety of helpful homebuying information.  See a list of class locations and certified organizations on the CHAPA website.

The Mass Affordable Housing Alliance

Affordable housing information, community reinvestment issues, and a link to homeownership classes.

Boston Home Center

The City of Boston also runs a down payment assistance program for Homebuying 101 graduates.  Find out more information, and apply online.

Massachusetts Housing Partnership - SoftSecond

Soft Second is a mortgage product designed for first time homebuyers.  Get more information about this program that provides a low interest rate on a mortgage at the Mass Housing Project website.

Mass Housing

MassHousing offers a number of programs, products, tools and resources for home buyers, home owners, and partner lenders.  Learn more about first time homebuyer mortgage products here.

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