Saving for Retirement

Squared Away Blog Features Articles on Retirement and Social Security

Two articles featured on the blog "Getting by on Social Security" and "Retirement Security Set by Life Decisions" interview retired residents from Savin Hill Apartments in Dorchester. The interviews, which were videotapped, asked the residents about their decisions they made during their working lives that have affected their financial security in retirement.

AARP Retirement Planning

Are you ready for retirement?  The AARP website has some good information to check out, including a retirement calculator.

MSN Money, Retirement Planner

Check out MSN moneys retirement calculator to see if you’re on track.

My Retirement Pay Check

This site helps newly retired adults manage their money to make sure they are on the right track.  My retirement paycheck is run by NEFE.

Retirement Made Simpler

Need information on retirement and don't know where to start? This site explains everything about 401Ks from what they are, how to attain one, to success stories. It is run by

AARP, a non-profit advocacy group for seniors,

FINRA, a federal securities regulator, and

RSP, a retirement security project run by Brookings Institution.

5 Myths About Retirement. 

Compiled by Yahoo Finance, see if any of them pertain to you.

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