Avoiding Scams

Working From Home Scams

Fraudulent companies take advantage of bad economy. Read this story before you consider replying to offers to work from home.

Yahoo Finance and Investopedia provide 9 tips to avoid debit card fraud (PDF)

In this article by Yahoo Finance and Investopedia outline 9 quick tips to protect yourself from debit card fraud. Take a look and become a better protected consumer.

The United States Goverment Accountability Office does an Investigation on Debt Settlement Companies (PDF)

This investigation on 20 Debt Settlement Companies done by the GAO has some interesting findings. You can also see clips of phone calls made to the companies by their investigators.

Neighborworks Loan Scam Alert

Mortgage scams information.  Report a scam, and see some organizations who will do great work for you, without charging a fee.

Gold sales are not as valuable as you think -- another scam to watch out for!

The Boston Globe investigated the deals by gold venders.  Check out this piece and see what the real value is.  As Ben Popken, co-managing editor of Consumerist.com says “People think there’s a big cash grab waiting for them and that’s simply not the case, it’s a really bad deal for consumers.’’

Consumer Information from the Center for Responsible Lending

Check out the warning signs of predatory products.  Products include high interest or adjustable rate mortgages, overdraft fees, credit card abuses, and predatory tax refund anticipation loans.

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