Building Wealth

Squared Away Blog: Financial Behavior--Work, Save, Retire

Squared Away is not a personal finance blog – there are dozens of those.  This blog covers financial behavior, psychology and US money culture.  There’s research on saving – both for low-income people barely getting by and young people awash in e-spending opportunities.  Also featured is a web game showing how tough it is for low-income people to make their paychecks last.  In videos, people discuss mistakes affected their financial security in retirement.

The Wall Street Journal in October 2011 called Squared Away  “a new blog worth following.”  Also featured in The Boston Globe.

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Financial planning resources

The Certified Financial Planners Board of Standards provides links to financial resource topics such as credit, consumer protection, investing, financial training, and more.

On-line budget/planning tool

Need a way to responsibly track your spending, loans, credit cards, and loans?'s free, on-line personal finance platform assists you manage your money with financial planning and budget tools.

Official government benefits site

Information on over 1,000 government benefit assistance programs ranging from Career Development assistance to Social Security.  To plan and budget responsibly, it is important to see where you may qualify for help.

Bank rates

If you need to find and compare rates on different financial products, check out  This is a resource that can keep you informed with what current rates should look like for mortgages, CDs, auto loans, and credit cards.

Matched savings for assets

Using matched savings accounts programs (some are referred to as Individual Development Accounts-IDAs) eligible individuals can save money and get a match for investment in homes, post-secondary education, small businesses, and other assets.. Check out the Midas Collaborative website for more information.

More than Wheels (formally Bonnie CLAC)

More Than Wheels is an award-winning, not-for-profit that helps consumers get the best deal on a reliable, fuel-efficient car. For more information on their programs and services, check out this PowerPoint.

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