Taheera has worked with Homeowners Rehab Inc., located in Cambridge, since 2008.  With the individual attention and training provided by Hilary Smith and the funds in her matched savings account at the Midas Collaborative, she was able to become a homeowner.  She has now owned her condo for 6 months and is very happy in her new place.

Taheera puts it best, "I have always wanted to pay a mortgage toward my own home instead on paying rent to someone else, but no bank would ever give me a loan. To get a nice home at market price with my income, no way. Because of this program I was given a chance to be like most Americans to call somewhere my own. When I get home everyday, I look at some of my neighbors and I still wonder how did I get here?"

She goes on to say, "This program needs to be extended to other people like myself with goals, values, dreams and sincerity to stay with the program. Homeowners Rehab believed in me and helped me accomplish a major dream so many Americans will never be able to do. Thank you!"


Daphnie and her family have been pursuing the dream of homeownership for over six years, but faced many obstacles and heartaches along the way.  Originally from Haiti, Daphnie has been in the US since she was 7, and as she puts it, "throughout my childhood and most adult life I dreamed of becoming a homeowner; purchasing a home to me means stability, sense of ownership, and considered to be part of the American dream."

Daphnie opened her matched savings account in May of 2007 with Dorchester Bay EDC, and the Midas Collaborative and has been saving rigorously ever since. She saved six times more than her savings goal.  This year, thanks to her dedication and hard work Daphnie's dream came true. She was able to purchase a home where she now lives with her daughter and boyfriend. Daphnie said: "Sometimes we find [it] so surreal and can't believe we are homeowners. We love the fact that we are paying our mortgage instead of paying rent."

Daphnie continued: "We would strongly recommend this program to families who are struggling to achieve their dream of homeownership, continuing education or business ownership. This program is invaluable resource and its dedicated staff makes it even more worthwhile."

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