MFEC Member Survey

 Multiple persons from the same organization may complete the information form if your interests or other responses differ.

Voting Members: Organizations or individuals who will register for and attend at least one MFEC-sponsored event or activity in 2012, complete a member survey, and sign a statement of ethics. Voting members become full members upon demonstrating adherence to the MFEC Codes of Ethics and Conduct, to be released in Jan, 2013.

·         Vote for Steering Committee Members.

·         Link organization or services information to MFEC website.

·         Register for a Member News account and for customized best practices updates.

·         Request an MFEC Outcomes Report Card on outcomes and apply for MFEC co-sponsorship.

In order to become a voting member, both of the above must be checked.

Partnership: Workshops & Peer Training

·          Professional Networking & Events

·         Best Practices Sharing & Workshops

·         Peer Mentoring & Train-the-Trainer

·         Facilitation & Moderation

·         Seminars & Webinars

Promotion: Campaigning & Business Development

·         Public Awareness Campaign

·         Regional and Federal Advocacy

·         Educational Filmmaking Services

·         Best Practices & Report Cards

·         Online Member News & Events/Collecting Success Stories

·         Trainer Clearinghouse: Matching trainers to jobs

·         Customer and Client Development

·         Co-Sponsorship for Qualified Members

Performance: Management & Training

·         Codes of Ethics & Conduct

·         Internal & External Needs Assessment

·         Standardized Assessment & Evaluation

·         Customized Outcomes Assessment, Data Collection & Reporting

·         Best Practice Models & Programs