Boston Reality Fair: Financial Tools for Life

A coalition of financial institutions, community-based organizations and other partners organized the Boston Reality Fair: Financial Tools for Life, a real-life-based simulation program for high school seniors.  More than 125 students from University High, Community Academy of Science and Health, and Ostiguy High gathered to learn more about budgeting and preparing for life after graduation at this hands-on personal money management event.

A special thanks to Matthew Paradise for leading the planning effort as an outgrowth of the Boston Alliance for Economic Inclusion, and to Dotwell Dorchester House Multi-Service Center for hosting. 

To find a Reality Fair that is happening near you, visit our K-16 Events Page.


Part 1


Part 2


"Marlborough Student Aces Financial Exam"

Marlborough High School student, Zachery Charbonneau, was one of 17 students honored by Massachusetts State Treasurer Steve Grossman for achieving a perfect score on the National Financial Capability Challenge Exam.
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Information on The National Financial Capability Challenge.

"Schools Try To Boost Financial Literacy For Students"

There are several bills in the Massachusetts Legislature that would require financial literacy to be taught in the K-12 public schools.

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"Peddling Relief, Firms Put Debtors in Deeper Hole"

One of the most destructive financial scams that people can fall prey to is debt consolidation.   In a New York Times article "Peddling Relief, Firms Put Debtors in Deeper Hole", Debt settlement companies are profiled.
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See the video here.

"Biggest Defaulters on Mortgages Are the Rich"

This article explains how the wealthy have lost their homes at a higher rate than the rest of the US population.
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"Mass Wins 102 Million in Subprime Loan Case"

Attorney General Martha Coakley has won a $102 million settlement from Wall Street's Morgan Stanley & Co., money that will help more than 1,000 Massachusetts homeowners who are in foreclosure or saddled with unwieldy subprime mortgages.
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"A Matter of Trust: Connecting Consumer Protections and Financial Reform"

Elizabeth Warren, Chair of the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel and Harvard Law Professor, was the featured speaker at this event. Professor Warren outlined what she sees as the necessary components of an effective consumer financial protection regulation reform and then discussed these and related issues with journalist David Corn of Mother Jones.
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"Broke, USA. How the Working Poor Became Big Business"

Highlights of Gary Rivlin's new book in an interview conducted with the New America Foundation.

Listen to Blogger and author Bob Sullivan talk with NPR on how to avoid scams

Meet the average American family

This visual representation chronicles what the status of the everyday American family's financial situation looks like.  You might be surprised by some of the statistics here. 

Visual Economics - The Average American Family

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