Policy Updates

Financial Education-Related Policy in Massachusetts

From MFEC's December 2011 Newsletter, December 22, 2011:

The combined bill s-1994 to require financial education from pre-K to grad 12 remains in the Senate Committee on Ways & Means. We hope that the resolution of the gambling bill will afford them time to address this important economic and educational priority. Please call your State Senator and ask them to urge the Comittee to give the bill a favorable report soon! Track s-1994 or look up contact information for your elected official.

From the Midas Collaborative's Policy Alert, Aug 3, 2010:

"S2275 passed the Senate (39-0, roll call vote) on July 30, 2010 ! This bill to require Financial Education in the K-12 math curriculum in the public schools is a big deal!. If we had a nickel for everyone we have heard say "they should teach this stuff to kids"... Now on to the House during informal session this fall. Our thanks to our partners at the Massachusetts Financial Education Collaborative, particularly the Mass Credit Union League and Mass Bankers Association.

This issue was included in recommendations of the Massachusetts Asset Development Commission, Co-Chaired by Undersecretary for Housing & Community Development, Tina Brooks, and Senator James Eldridge."


Financial Education-Related National Policy


Public Comment Invited by US Dept of the Treasury on financial literacy strategy

The Office of Financial Literacy and Financial Access has just completed a comment period for reviews of their draft "National Strategy for Financial Literacy, 2010. Stay tuned for updates here.


Corporation for Enterprise Development's federal asset-building policy priorities

CFED’s Assets Research Library provides a listing of research and resources on asset building and expanding economic opportunity. The Library is a work in progress so visit regularly for updates and new resources.

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