Provider Resources

Resources for Trainers, Educators, & Coaches

We know that developing financial and planning skills can be a challenge! The resources in this section are designed for existing or prospective trainers of financial education and related topics. There is information on current teaching methods, curriculum resources, and research in the field of financial matters, banking services, and the Massachusetts economy.

Massachusetts Tax and Asset Building Consortium

Resource and Communications portal for Financial Education and EITC training and awareness.

Consumer Financial Emergency Survival Kit

Newly published, this 48-page guide provides useful tips on a full range of consumer finance issues, including auto loans, budgeting, credit cards, credit counseling, debt collection and repossession, debt management, foreclosure, high-cost consumer loans, home equity lines of credit, identity theft, mortgages, and tenants' rights in foreclosure. Each section offers information on additional resources, and there is an appendix of consumer protection resources available in each of the New England states.;

A Glossary of Financial Terms (PDF)

This A to Z glossary provides basic definitions of terms associated with the financial crisis, including collateralized debt obligations, credit default swaps, derivatives, government-sponsored enterprise, hedging, LIBOR, Maiden Lane LLC, mark-to-market, moral hazard, non-recourse loan, originate-to-distribute model, quantitative easing, repurchase agreement, shadow banking system, special purpose vehicle, structured debt, and systemic risk.

America Saves

America Saves is a national campaign involving more than 1,000 non-profit, government, and corporate groups that encourages individuals and families to save money and build personal wealth.

Asset Platform

The AssetPlatform is a resource for staff at nonprofit organizations that provide financial education, coaching and asset development services. delivers high quality information, training, and financial products and services to your desktop, allowing you to more effectively serve your community.

The Financial Clinic--Coaching Toolkit

A manual for financial coaching, the Toolkit encompasses three overarching principles―financial goals, experiential learning, and accountability.

Consumer Financial Emergency Survival kit (PDF)

Check out this resource filled with valuable information about everything from debit cards and debt management to finding a great auto loan.

FDIC Money Smart Web Page

In 2001, The FDIC launched a national financial education curriculum, Money Smart, which is now has many tools and is available in multiple languages.

Massachusetts State Treasury

Includes links to state-sponsored financial education programs.

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