These are links to curricula and resources that provide content on a myriad of topics related to personal finance. Many are self-contained but others are modular, and can augment existing programs.

General Personal Finance

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United Way for Greater Austin--Financial Toolkit

The United Way of Greater Austin created this financial toolkit for residents to get good and reliable resources and information on the following topics: Cash From Checks, Borrowing, Paying Back and Filing Taxes.

Basic Banking for Massachusetts

Basic Banking for Massachusetts is a statewide voluntary program to provide low-cost checking and savings accounts to customers with limited banking needs. The website includes the Basic Banking guidelines, a list of participating banks and a bank sign-up form.

Workforce Opportunity for Women

Put together by Women Work! - this is a list of resources centered on women's workforce issues with some focus on financial education and other issues that may effect women.

Financial Education Clearinghouse

Put together by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), the   Financial Education Clearinghouse provides a listing and information on general and subject specific financial education curricula.

Financial Education Evaluation Toolkit

Also put together by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), this online evaluation toolkit has been designed to help financial educators understand evaluation concepts and efficiently apply them to their educational programs so they can document the impact their programs have on students.

National Council on Economic Education

The National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) is a nationwide network that leads in promoting economic literacy with students and their teachers.  This site contains resources designed specifically for students and teachers.

Practical Money Skills for Life

Sponsored by Visa in partnership with many other organizations, Practical Money Skills provides rich resources on financial education for children, adults and small businesses. The site offers resources, games, calculators and helpful tips to make managing finances that much easier.

FDIC: Money Smart

This financial education curriculum, created by the FDIC, is a 10-module series available in both an instructor-led version and a computer-based instruction version; available in many languages.

Masachusetts Department of Education: Financial Education Resources

This site provides resources for general financial education, as well as some that are specific to teaching the ABE and ESOL population.

Caution with Credit VideosStaying Afloat

This video, part of the Caution with Credit resources from the State Treasurer's Office, provides testimonials and information for young people entering into the economy to help them better understand the use and misuse of credit.

Are Your Clients Losing Sleep Over Money? (PDF)

The Boston Alliance for Economic Inclusion's quick reference guide for community organizations and practitioners on understanding high-cost financial services providers and mainstream banking alternatives. 2011 Update.

New Release: "Staying Afloat, Managing Your Finances in a Changing Economy", for Massachusetts adults

Nine ways to save your money, reduce your expenses, and protect your future.

Smart Choices at Tax Time

This online resource, developed expressly for use by volunteer tax preparers, can be bookmarked and opened as a taskbar at the bottom of the screen while preparing taxes at the IRS-certified, free tax sites (or VITA, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance).


Adding Financial Education to Other Programs

Many trainers find that integrating financial topics to other trainings that address immediate needs enhances relevancy and provides for a more engaging discussion.

Hope & Power for Your Personal Finances: A Rebuilding Guide Following Domestic Violence

Developed by the National Coalition for Domestic Violence, this was an effort to support victims of domestic violence in their endeavors to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Building a Better Future

Developed by the Latino Community Credit Union with partnership from the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), this curriculum was designed to be incorporated into ESL classes as a way for new immigrants to learn about basic financial information and systems in the US.

US Civics for Immigrants

Developed by Literacy Volunteers of Westchester County, this curriculum is focused on providing immigrants with civics understanding and citizenship skills. Part of the focus of the curriculum is focused on education about civic systems, financial issues and basic economic concepts.

Immigrant Leadership Training Curriculum

Developed by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the curriculum focuses on helping immigrants understand the citizenship and naturalization process, and to develop and refine their leadership and advocacy skills.

Roadmap to Civic Engagement (PDF)

Developed in a joint effort by the Washington State Service Corps and Service-Learning Northwest, this curriculum is designed to "empower individuals to impact their own community in signficant ways."  This is started through understanding, mapping and assessing the community, and follows through to civic leadership and "voice."

Justice Talking: Listening and Learning Guide (PDF)

Developed by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania in partnership with the New York Times Learning Network.  The purpose of this curriculum is to encourage active civic and political engagement for participants to become more informed and engaged citizens.

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