College Age

Here are sites with tools and resources for teaching Financial Education to students and future students.

US News Education

Listings of college rankings in the country by US News and World Report.

Massachusetts Colleges Online

A database of 15 community colleges and 9 state colleges and the programs they offer in Massachusetts, including their on-line offerings. Before you look for an on-line school, check out what Massachusetts' accredited public colleges have to offer.

Navigating The Real World: "What People Are Saying About Life Beyond School."

Videos and interviews of people's real life stories about school, debt, money, work, and more!

Job Trends from The Massachusetts Labor Department 

Lists of the top occupations in Massachusetts and related job openings.

Paying for College

For more information on financing college, visit the Paying For College page under Consumer Resources.


Secondary Age

There are many financial education resources dedicated to serving youth and school-aged children. Below you will find links which provide resources or curricula specific to this population.

D2D Fund--Financial Entertainment

There are tons of online video games here for youth in elementary and secondary age. They also have one of their games, Celebrity Calamity, now available on mobile devices such as the IPhone and IPad.

Federal Reserve Education

Looking for some Financial Education curricula for your students? Check out this Federal Reserve Bank site that has lesson plans, games, publications, quizzes and more for grades K-12.

National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)

 This national organization has been on the leading edge of financial education curriculum development for youth. Many resources can be found on their site.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts HiFi Program

A comprehensive program for educators developed by the Commonwealth, using the NEFE curriculum.

Federal Reserve Education

The Federal Reserve System provides a number of interactive web-based resources targeted high school students ranging from 9th to 12th grade.

JumpStart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy

Dedicated to the mission of ensuring that students K-12 are provided access to financial education, this site provides  valuable links, resources, and information dedicated to this cause.

Financial Literacy 2010

Launched in 1998 to increase the average high school students savvy about personal finance and investment, this organization has online resources and links to other organizations to assist in providing financial education to the youth population.

Teach Children to Save

A site of the American Bankers Assosication Education Foundation provides access to videos, newsletters and other resources to help teach children about saving and financial education. The site also has more general financial education links as well.

Elementary Age

School-based curricula at Your Money's Best Friend

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania hosts a website of financial education with well-organized elementary student resources.

On-Line Sports Games: Financial Football and Financial Soccer

Great ways for kids to play a games as their favorite teams while learning financial information. See if they can beat a friend!

On-line Game: Countdown to Retirement

Use this game to see an example of the different issues that students might run into as they try to save money. This children's teaching tool is a good way to explain to expect the unexpected, and is even fun for adults too!

Many More On-line Games

The Mass State Treasury’s website hosts a variety of games in this helpful site.

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