Trainings for Trainers

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Organizations that host regular trainings for trainers/counselors in Massachusetts


Boston and Worcester Alliances for Economic Inclusion

Networks of financial institutions and non-profits in Boston and Worcester, convened by the FDIC, offer periodic trainings of trainers in the FDIC's Money Smart Curruculum.

The Midas Collaborative

This statewide network of community-based asset-development organizations across Massachusetts offers periodic trainings in financial training, coaching, counseling, and asset-building.

The Citizens Housing and Planning Association

This statewide non-profit manages the Homeownership Collaborative to increase access to quality homeownership opportunities. The organization hosts trainings for non-profit staffmembers of its Homeownership Collaborative to deliver their certified Homebuyer 101 and 102 classes.


The Mel King Institute

The Mel King Institute brings community development professionals and volunteers the skills they need to be effective in their positions in the community. They focus both on individual skill and organizational capacity building to strengthen the field of community development..